It’s not Bratwurst, it’s Britwurst!

What started as a hobby in 2011 has now become a full time venture. Britwurst was founded on the idea of introducing a new type of fresh sausage, the typical British ‘banger’, into Austria. Not as a competitor to the fine produce already available, but as a further example of how versatile a sausage can be.

Following the initial struggles of setting up a business in Vienna, the business is now going from strength to strength.

From traditional breakfast sausages to the more exotic Thai sausage and everything imaginable in between, my product range is extensive and continues to expand as I try out new flavours. Details of the full range can be found at the bottom of this page.

In co-operation with Fleischerei Hödl I use only fully traceable free range meat which comes straight from Tullnerfeld, in Niederösterreich. The majority of the ingredients I add come from within a 60 mile radius of Vienna. I am a firm believer that local produce tastes better, helps the economy and I am trying to minimise my carbon footprint as much as I can. All sausages are gluten free, contain no chemical preservatives, no E numbers, and no additives.

You will find me every Saturday morning at Karmelitermarkt, one of the oldest and best known Farmers’ Markets in Vienna, so come by and say “hello”. You might even get to sample a piece of freshly baked sausage roll or pork pie! Sign up to the Newsletter here, which is sent every 2nd Thursday with my current market produce list, news, recipes, and any upcoming catering events.

Since 2016 I have been proud to provide DO & CO & The Mercedes-Benz F1 Racing team with produce at all of their European F1 Grand Prix races (except Great Britain).


A full list of stockists/restaurants of Britwurst products can be found here.


Below is a comprehensive list of items that I produce throughout the year. Please check the order page to see what is currently available. Any of the following below are available to pre-order, but at a minimum order of 5kg (approx 70 sausages). Items on the order form page come in packets of 6, unless stated. Smaller packets of fresh sausages can be arranged on request. For any special flavours/requests please do not hesitate to contact me.



Traditional Breakfast   Traditional Lincolnshire   Pork Honey & Mustard   Pork & Caramelised Onion   Pork Basil & Tomato

Pork Apple & Sage   Pork Apricot & Rosemary   Pork Apple & Cider   Pork Apple & Leek   Pork Apricot & Stilton

Pork Carrot & Smoked Almond   Pork Pumpkin & Thyme   Pork Apple & Black Pudding   BBQ Tex-Mex

Jamaican Jerk Creole   Pork & Spinach   Pork Chestnut & Cranberry   Pork Cheddar & Jalapeno   Fresh Chorizo

Fresh Italian Salsiccia   Thai Soi Ua


Beef – made with sheep casings and therefore 100% pork free

Beef Black Pepper & Chili   Beef & Stilton   Beef & Guinness   Beef & Gin   Beef Madras with Apricot & Pistachio   Beef & Tomato

Beef Merguez   Moroccan Beef   Beef Garlic & Herb   Fresh Beef Chorizo   Beef with Mozzarella Tomato & Basil

Beef Apricot & Hazelnut


Veal – made with sheep casings and therefore 100% pork free

Veal Parmesan & Rosemary   Veal & Caramelized Onion


Lamb – made with sheep casings and therefore 100% pork free, available fresh only 1 month before Easter and 1 month after.

Lamb Apricot & Rosemary   Lamb Chilli & Garlic   Lamb Carrot & Smoked Almonds   Lamb Merguez   Moroccan Lamb

Greek Lamb   Fresh Lamb Chorizo   Lamb Garlic & Herb



Unsmoked Streaky (Ungeräuchert Bauchspeck)   Unsmoked Back (Ungeräuchert Karreespeck)

Smoked Back (Geräuchert Karreespeck)


Other Yummy Goodies

Apricot & Leek Pork Pie   Pistachio & Pork Pie   Sausage Rolls   Cornish ‘style’ Pasties   Scotch Eggs